About Paragon Research

Definition of Paragon: (Noun)

A perfect diamond of 100 carats or more; A person or thing viewed as a model of excellence; An unusually large, round pearl; A person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

We are a boutique research agency that is passionate about research! Working across various industries, product and service categories over many decades, we are different as we espouse global research agency thinking in a boutique agency culture.

Our very experienced team has strong academic rigour coupled with pragmatic commercial acumen to guarantee exceptional results for our clients. Our CEO is actively involved, and hands-on, in all projects and guarantees not to delegate your work to juniors (whether it be for a small or large project).  This will ultimately save you time, energy, effort and money as you are assured of high-level pragmatic advice quickly, on time, and every time. We work in partnership with our clients, maximising every opportunity, and working seamlessly with you to deliver pearls of wisdom to help your business.

You can expect a friendly, proactive and down to earth consulting approach that does not involve all the technical research theory and jargon, unless you enjoy talking in our terminology!

We are pleased to offer the breadth of skills of a large agency without the overheads. In turn, we offer clients very cost-effective rates. Because we are not weighed down by red tape, who you meet initially, is whom you will work with from start to finish, to scope, create, plan, collate data, analyse and report the findings.  The other benefit being we can act (and react) to your needs almost instantaneously.

Our relationships are highly valued and we respect the brands we collaborate with. Our clients know that our team live and breathe what we do, with enthusiasm, attention to detail and ingenuity, we deliver cost-effective, fast gems of insights about consumer behaviour that help our clients achieve their business goals..

Why Paragon Research?

You deal directly with very experienced Seniors that design, manage, consult and deliver on all important aspects:

  • Expert survey design that measures the right issues that will make a difference to your business
  • Experienced advice on what is usually said in research as opposed to how consumers really behave in the ‘real world’
  • Identification of the gems, diamonds and strategic issues that are often beyond what is said
  • An in-house team of experts that deliver all aspects of research to give top quality cost-effective solutions with access 24/7 to your data
  • Interpretation of results with communication, marketing, psychology, consumer behavioural models, branding and more in mind…


New & Existing Product/Service Research

Advice on concepts, appeal, pricing, demand, targeting, messaging, communication, distribution channels and more

Stakeholder Consultation

How best to engage and connect with the most appropriate key influencers and stakeholders to understand perceptions and how they are formed to maximise affiliations with products, services, brands and staff

Web Auditing and Evaluation

Establish usability, functionality, design, content, navigation and more to improve visitor experiences


Satisfaction, commitment, advocacy, loyalty, promotion and NPS


Pre and post design, research and development of branding strategies, evaluation and tracking of your brand (and potentially against key competitors)

Purchasing Triggers

Triggers to purchase, decision-making models, rating on each key driver against competitors

Pre and Post Advertising Testing

Explore concepts, messaging, mediums, etc that will strongly resonate to maximise ROI. Post ad testing to evaluate whether they meet expectations

Expert Longitudinal Panels

Expert facilitation of a defined stakeholder panel on a regular basis to explore and evaluate tactical and strategic plans in a structured forum

Industry Benchmarking

Determine how target markets perceive and rate your organisation against competitors

Mystery Shopping

Expert opinion service and/or product evaluation of your organisation to gain valuable insight into the customer’s experience

General Consulting

A range of in-house consulting in partnership with clients covering areas from marketing to business to HR and more


Offering traditional and innovative techniques tailor-made and designed to find gems through data:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth qualitative interviews
  •  Vox Pops
  • Surveys (smart phones and POS)
  • Real-time social media monitoring
  • Expert opinion analysis
  • Desktop research
  • CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing)
  • Mystery shopping
  • DashedUp! – a “state of the art” data intelligence solution
  • In-house consulting
Online Survey

Our work

Our team is proud to name respected and innovative brands as our clients over the last 20 years:
  • Air Services Australia
  • AMP Bank/AMP
  • Austrade
  • Australian Central Credit Union (now People’s Choice)
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Hotels Association
  • AustralianSuper
  • Australian Executor Trustees
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Australians Donate
  • Balfours
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Adelaide Bank
  • Bendigo Wealth
  • BOC Limited
  • Boral Energy
  • BP Australia
  • Business SA
  • Cancer Council SA
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Centrelink
  • Citigroup/Citibank
  • City of Charles Sturt
  • City of Marion
  • City of Newcastle
  • City of Tea Tree Gully
  • City of Salisbury
  • Coles Myer Limited
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • CBUS Super
  • CPA Australia
  • Crown Casino
  • CRS Australia
  • Defence Force – including Public Affairs, Recruitment, Geo-spatial Imagery areas
  • Delfin
  • LendLease
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Industry & Trade
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of Trade & Economic Development
  • Diners Club
  • Drug & Alcohol Services SA
  • Education Services SA
  • eo Financial
  • ETSA Utilities
  • ExxonMobil
  • Ferguson Fisheries
  • Gambling Research Panel
  • Great Southern Railway
  • Health Partners
  • HESTA Superannuation
  • Homestart Finance
  • HOSTPLUS Superannuation
  • Immanuel College
  • Industry Fund Services/Industry Fund Network
  • Innovate SA
  • IP Australia
  • KWP!
  • Lafarge Plaster
  • Land & Water Australia
  • Land Management Corporation
  • Leo Burnett
  • Library Board of Victoria
  • Lifeplan Funds Management
  • Manningham City Council
  • LUCRF Superannuation
  • Masonic Homes
  • Mission Australia
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • MTAA Superannuation
  • MyState Financial
  • National Centre for Vocation & Educational Research
  • Nestle
  • NSW Police
  • Office for Recreation & Sport
  • Optus/Singtel Optus
  • Perpetual Investments
  • Principals Australia
  • Public Trustee
  • RAA/RAA Insurance
  • Retireinvest
  • Robern Menz
  • Rural Solutions
  • Russell Investments
  • SA Water
  • Savings & Loans
  • Seeley International
  • Shannon’s Group
  • SkyCity Adelaide
  • SA Centre for Manufacturing
  • Solar Shop Australia
  • Spirit of Tasmania
  • State Theatre Company
  • SUNCORP Metway
  • Stethescope Research
  • Superpartners
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
  • Sydney Water
  • The Arts Centre VIC
  • TMP Worldwide
  • Toll Transitions
  • Tourism NSW
  • Tourism SA
  • Tradelink
  • Transgrid
  • Victoria Police
  • Workcover SA
  • Workcover NSW
  • Workers Compensation Commission NSW
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Young & Rubicam

Our Senior Experts

Our team is made up of very experienced professionals who are respected in their field; they deliver consistently successful projects, with first-class customer service, to very happy clients.
  • Testimonial

    Cheryl Hayes

    Founder and CEO

    About Cheryl Hayes

    • Over 20 years of successful research and consulting to many blue-chip clients across various industries from FMCG to Finance to Manufacturing to Utilities and all levels of Government
    • Regularly consulted to many of the Top 100 global companies
    • Has the ability to see the big strategic picture and design a detailed research program with acute attention to individual components needed to produce evidence-based conclusions that will lead to actionable business strategies
    • Managed thousands of qualitative and quantitative projects (varying in complexity of up to 50,000 participants in one study)
    • One of the first members of the ASMRS to obtain QPMR accreditation in Australia. A full member of AMSRS for nearly 15 years.

    MOBILE: 0481 296 035

    EMAIL: cheryl@paragonresearch.com.au

  • Testimonial

    David Hsu

    Business Intelligence Consultant

    About David Hsu

    High reputed Consultant in research and business intelligence. An expert in identifying business opportunities and developing advice on how to effectively develop them, this includes complex market segmentation studies. Proven expertise in setting up business intelligence systems for clients and offering more cost-effective and innovative solutions for clients to access 24/7.

  • Testimonial

    Keith Hutchison

    Lead Systems Architect

    About Keith Hutchison

    Very accomplished software innovator that has worked globally to develop purpose built solutions for major corporations. Trained, developed & evaluated teams of programmers to implement data collation techniques and software programs tailored and built specifically for complex business needs.

  • Testimonial

    Jacques Rozanes

    Lead Software Engineer

    About Jacques Rozanes

    Software engineer and developer of “world class” survey and reporting “dashboards” designed for researchers over the last 20 years. A highly respected software engineer in the research field known for delivering extremely fast reporting tools/platforms tailored to the unique needs of every valued client.

Email Cheryl


  • Wayne Sullivan, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Frontier Advisors

    Cheryl is a highly professional operator with a positive demeanour and a willingness to understand the commercial needs of her clients and of the environment in which they operate. I was always impressed by the depth of Cheryl's understanding of our business and our target market and also by her presentation ability. She inspires confidence and trust and is a pleasure to work with.

  • Glyn Cryer, Executive Director, Capability, Performance & Innovation

    Cheryl is an expansive thinker and an insightful researcher. Over several engagements in different contexts, Cheryl has consistently combined a mastery of the relevant issues with simple, digestible, cogent presentation of her results and suggestions for change.

  • Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary - Customer Services at Transport for New South Wales

    Cheryl took a thoughtful business-like approach to her assignments and delivered insightful results that had practical application to our business.

  • Dzu Huynh, Marketing and Communications Consultant | Brand Strategy | Customer Experience | Digital, Data & Insights Enthusiast

    Cheryl provides a high level of business acumen in the way she develops and delivers research projects. Cheryl does this by taking the time to understand the dynamics, objectives and challenges of the business so an appropriate solution can be put forward. She is extremely professional, while also being down to earth, which makes her very easy to deal with.

  • Tarnia Conti, Strategic Planner, Sales & Marketing, Leadership, Consultant, Coach, Mentor

    Research involves a lot of questions, statistics and coding... which can often be a bit frightening..... unless you meet Cheryl. Cheryl has the ability to craft the right questions, lift numbers off the page and present information which is truly meaningful and insightful. If you want to understand or qualify something and research is required, then you need to meet Cheryl. The rest will take care of itself.

  • Charles Griplas, CEO, Spirit of Tasmania/IT-Line Company

    Thank you for your presentation to our Board Cheryl. We gave you an impossible timeframe and you still delivered brilliantly.

  • Helen McCready, Industry Super Fund Network

    Cheryl worked with ISN to develop, implement and manage the large scale, continuous advertising tracker Cheryl and her team delivered accurate research reports with sound analysis and interpretation, and always on time. Working with multiple stakeholders, Cheryl consistently handled this challenge with the utmost professionalism.

  • Katynka Powning, Senior Manager, Customer Strategy at AMP

    Cheryl is a passionate, energetic researcher.  You'll always feel like you are in good hands as she is one step ahead of you.

  • Anna Goldstein , Strategy, policy, communications and public affairs consultant

    Cheryl Hayes is a highly professional market researcher. Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of both her own craft and our topic, Cheryl carefully explained how to get the best from a complex quantitative study. I found Cheryl personable throughout. She presented to stakeholders extremely well.

  • Melissa Birks , Client Partnership Manager at Link Group (LNK)

    Cheryl is an excellent market researcher. I have hired her to undertake member and employer satisfaction research in financial services. Her insights and suggestions on the structure, method and delivery of our research were invaluable. Her extensive experience adds value to research projects.

  • Leanne Gunnulson , Commercial Services at The University of Melbourne, VCA

    I highly recommend Cheryl for her attention to detail, her ability to translate business objectives into actionable research projects and her fantastic presentation style.

  • Caroline Patrick, General Manager, Marketing at Police Health, Certified Practising Marketer of the Year 2015, AFAMI (Associate Fellow Australian Marketing Institute) CPM

    "I worked with Cheryl for many years in a couple of different roles. She is not only highly experienced in her field but has a passion for research which results in strong collaboration and very successful outcomes. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Cheryl again. I trust her. I know she'll be committed and will work hard to deliver a quality piece of work. She'll also challenge me and prompt me to consider the objective through a number of different lens."